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Kristian Woodmansee



  • Andre Galvao Black Belt
  • IBJJF World Champion
  • 3x IBJJF Pan American Champion
  • 2x IBJJF European Champion

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Logic Online

Logic BJJ Online is a subscription service to the highest-quality Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu techniques that have been tested and proven at multiple IBJJF competitions resulting in multiple championships wins. 

Meet Kristian

I started training when I was 20 in Philadelphia back in 2008.  After just one class I got bit by “the bug” and haven’t stopped since.  I immediately adjusted my life to revolve around jiu-jitsu and never looked back.  With just two weeks of training, I entered my first tournament.  I got destroyed but knew I wanted to be a competitor.  Back then things were a lot different, we didn’t have 14 IBJJF events every weekend, and the internet wasn’t spoiling the community with world-class techniques, I just spent as much time on the mat as I could.

Looking back, I would give some shortcut advice to my inexperienced self.  Conversations about how important the correct environment is to thrive, how to efficiently create goals, what I should and shouldn’t be drilling, knowing the difference between techniques that work on people who aren’t so great and concepts that are realistic at the highest level, the list goes on.  I progressed quickly according to the standard back then, but it took years to make certain changes that I didn’t even know were necessary.

Logic BJJ Philly

Logic is Philadelphia’s premier modern martial arts and martial arts-based fitness studio– representing under the Atos flag. Our 10,000 square foot facility offers an experience that is not duplicated by any other academy or gym. We strive to create an environment where everyone feels welcome, regardless of age, gender, and/or experience level among other things.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Muay Thai anchor the teachings of Logic, while our Strength & Conditioning program helps you become a more well-rounded athlete. Whether you’re someone looking to compete at an elite level or someone just looking for a new hobby to help you stay in shape, we have classes for you!

Our goal here at Logic is to inspire the Philadelphia community through our passionate programs and world-class instruction!

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