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Approach To Learning “New” Things

Keeping this BJJ specific, being a white belt can be overwhelming when you focus on how much you do not know. I hear it all the time from day 1 people at my academy after their first class, but especially when I travel and teach in other environments. The amount of information out there is higher than it has ever been, seems like anyone and their grandma now is sharing techniques, and sharing perspective with others on how they should train, I am not entirely sure thats absolutely a good or bad thing yet but the most important aspect of it all is very simple….you are suppose to suck.

I have personally experienced through out my entire journey being a day 1 beginner at something, could have been a position, a specific technique, or a concept but everyone starts out at step 1 and they do so very often, at least the discipline and committed do at least. You have to truly understand the importance of data collection, no one every just avoids failure and is “good” at BJJ without investment because these things compound and take time.

For those who want to minimize time, which isn’t right or wrong, you must really focus on learning how you learn, only then can you efficiently follow your goal and waste very little time. Thats not something most people know how to do, and definitely not something that is as common of practice as it should be.

Take 2 minutes to check out this little Tedx Talk I have at the end of class. If you care enough to see that you are failing and want to do better, care enough to learn how and stay disciplined.

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