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Are You Drilling Efficiently?

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I know all environments are different, some academies have classes dedicated entirely to drilling, some incorporate drilling into their classes, and some do not drill at all. Before I go deeper into this topic, my personal opinion and the standard I uphold with all my students is if you know better, you must do better. This video from should instantly impact that acknowledgment and change how you drill.

What I describe in the video below is very simple. WE have to be so present in training that we can accurately determine a consistent point that we have collected high value data in. Only then can we then communicate efficiently when structuring our drilling rounds and partner. This is where and when concentrated growth is created/takes place. This is how I drilled at Atos, this is how I have my students drill, and this type of drilling makes a huge difference when followed by training.

You can and should do this with literally everything. Retention, transition, submission, sweep, pass, tilting, neutralizing, bottom, top, dominate position etc. Check out the video, and if you have any questions, just let me know.

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