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Establishing A Conceptual Jiu Jitsu Foundation

January 17, 2022 / Blog

Gaining a True Understanding of Jiu Jitsu...

My journey in jiu Jitsu has been uniquely shaped, providing a perspective distinct from the mainstream BJJ community. Starting my training at 20 years old, with a stature that leaned heavily towards the below-average end, I was immediately compelled to approach grappling with the utmost efficiency. This mindset has become the foundation for my learning, communication, application, and teaching methodologies at Logic Online.

From day one, I recognized that I couldn't rely solely on executing techniques against opponents significantly larger and more experienced than me. The challenge was clear, and my obsession was to enhance the percentage of success while strategically evaluating options. The key to problem-solving and increasing success rates lies in understanding the prerequisites for each technique—whether it's a sweep, pass, submission, retention, or takedown, maintaining tempo is paramount.

When most practitioners are asked to play guard, they often envision a series of techniques. However, conceptual foundation practitioners, like myself, adopt a different approach. Both in training and communication, the focus shifts from specific techniques to a broader conceptual foundation. The difference becomes evident when comparing a blue belt with a conceptual foundation to a brown belt reliant on techniques. The blue belt experiences fewer passes and submissions, efficiently creating opportunities to sweep and submit. This approach allows for the incorporation of techniques later on, resulting in a higher success rate with fewer years of mat time.

My experience extends beyond personal application to an instructor perspective in esteemed environments like Atos HQ, Drysdale Jiu Jitsu HQ, and my own academy, Logic, in Philadelphia, PA. This approach proves effective across demographics—kids, adults, male, female, hobbyists, competitors, from zero experience to black belt.

For a more in-depth understanding of these concepts, explore four videos that communicate the essence of focusing on passing versus grips, available in the Library and the course "Blue Belt Blueprint". These resources encapsulate the conceptual approach that has proven successful across a diverse spectrum of Jiu Jitsu practitioners.