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Meet Kristian
Meet Kristian

Meet Kristian

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About Our Founder

I started training when I was 20 in Philadelphia back in 2008. After just one class I got bit by “the bug” and haven’t stopped since. I immediately adjusted my life to revolve around jiu jitsu and never looked back. 

With just two weeks of training, I entered my first tournament. I got destroyed but knew I wanted to be a competitor. Back then things were a lot different, we didn’t have 14 IBJJF events every weekend, and the internet wasn’t spoiling the community with world-class techniques. I just spent as much time on the mat as I could.

Looking back, I would give some shortcut advice to my inexperienced self. 

Conversations about how important the correct environment is to thrive, how to efficiently create goals, what I should and shouldn’t be drilling, knowing the difference between techniques that work on people who aren’t so great at jiu jitsu and concepts that are realistic at the highest level...

...the list goes on.

I progressed quickly according to the standard back then, but it took years to make certain changes that I didn’t even know were necessary. I have spent over a decade delivering that information and data to practitioners all over the world from top-tier competitive academies to your run-of-the-mill, out in-the-middle-of-no-where hobbyist gym.

Helping others avoid the easy mistakes and focus on the ideas that matter has been and continues to be extremely rewarding. It is truly my pleasure to provide a stand-out online jiu jitsu platform and experience for players of all skill levels, sizes and ages.

The Journey To Incomparable Instruction

The Journey To Incomparable Instruction

When I left home, I told myself that if I wanted to be the best...then I had to train with the best.

That started my journey which eventually lead me to Atos in San Diego under my mentor Andre Galvao - you may have hear of him.

Before I arrived in California, I spent a year under Cyborg at Fight Sports Miami, followed by three years in Las Vegas with Robert Drysdale.

I competed consistently in my white, blue, and purple belt and had won some events but none that I truly valued.

This left me feeling like a failure and often questioned my decision to be a full-time competitor.

Until one day I woke up and everything was different...

I had an epiphany moment which changed my jiu jitsu perspective and I immediately restructured my life again...from the ground up.

Which meant moving to San Diego to begin training the best team in the world at ATOS HQ.

I noticed a 'night and day' difference in my training, teaching, and competing.

I have since refined the processes that helped me win a world title...

...and now I have helped over 1,000 grapplers, not only set, but reach their jiu jitsu goals faster than they ever thought possible.

The Next Chapter: The Academy

The Next Chapter: The Academy

During discussions about my transition to San Diego to join Atos HQ as a competitor, Andre asked me to teach at the academy.

Becoming a head instructor, Galvao entrusted me with his students. He allowed me full freedom in leading how I saw fit. This environment was and still is the most accomplished academy location in the world in terms competitive jiu jitsu.

After spending about 4 years at ATOS under the mentorship of Andre, I decided to head back east to start my own academy.

Fast forward to the present time...

Logic HQ in Philadelphia leads my affiliation of over 20 academies located world-wide!

I have had the tremendous pleasure of teaching seminars on nearly every continent and in countless countries.

I hope to impart some of my priceless experience to you as a member of the Logic family regardless of where you are located through our extensive online jiu jitsu curriculum and courses.