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How to Approach Learning New Things In Jiu Jitsu

August 5, 2022 / Blog

Discovering a New World Of Jiu Jitsu

Initiating your online jiu jitsu journey as a while belt might seem overwhelming, particularly when faced with the vastness of the unknown. This sentiment is often echoed by beginners on day one at my academy and become ever more pronounced when I teach in various online settings.

In today's digital age, the wealth of online Jiu Jitsu knowledge circulating is unprecedented. It appears that everyone, from seasoned practitioners to their grandmas, is sharing techniques and perspectives on optimal online training methods. Whether this influx is positive or negative remains uncertain, but amidst the online noise, one fundamental truth stands out—you are supposed to struggle.

Drawing from my personal Jiu Jitsu journey, every enthusiast starts as a novice at some point. This may pertain to a specific position, technique, or conceptual understanding. The key is recognizing that everyone initiates their journey at square one, repeatedly if necessary. Dedication and discipline play pivotal roles in this continuous cycle of growth, whether online or not. Understanding the value of online data collection is paramount; nobody becomes proficient in jiu jitsu without embracing failures and investing time.

For those seeking to expedite online progress, it's essential to decipher your unique learning style. Efficiently pursuing your goals requires self-awareness—a skill not commonly practiced but immensely valuable. Recognizing how you absorb information can significantly reduce the time spent on the learning curve.

To streamline your online learning process, invest two minutes in watching this insightful Tedx Talk I've included at the end of this article. Acknowledging your failures and aspiring to improve is commendable, but true progress comes from understanding how to learn effectively and maintaining unwavering discipline, even in your online puruits.

In conclusion, being a white belt in online Jiu Jitsu may feel daunting, but embracing the process, learning from failures, and discovering your optimal online learning style are indispensable aspects of success.

Explore the provided Tedx Talk to delve deeper into the art of efficient online learning and discipline—essential components of mastering Jiu Jitsu.