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The Importance of Having Clear Jiu Jitsu Goals

August 17, 2022 / Blog

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In my extensive 15-year journey in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ), encompassing competing, training, teaching hobbyists, and coaching world-class competitors, I've identified a pivotal element for optimal learning—setting goals correctly.

Here's why it matters:

  1. Validation Can Be Deceptive:

    • With time, anyone can acquire skills.

    • Staying in a comfort zone may lead to a false sense of validation.

  2. Excuses Are Counter-productive:

    • Eliminate excuses like limited training frequency or physical stature.

    • Training without a goal rarely yields fruitful results.

  3. Personal Discipline Matters:

    • Being goal-oriented fosters personal discipline.

    • Regardless of your training frequency, respecting and loving yourself involves investing time meaningfully.

  4. Equal Structure for Diverse Students:

    • Students with varying training frequencies receive the same structure and advice.

    • Preparation is key—arriving at the mat ready to accomplish set goals within available time.

  5. The Impact of Correct Goal Setting:

    • White belts, those facing challenges, academy leaders, and instructors benefit tenfold from setting goals correctly.

    • Constant progress towards a goal enhances quality and retention.

  6. Avoiding Aimless Training:

    • Habitually training without a specific goal is common but not optimal.

    • Simplify objectives until consistency is achieved.

  7. Reverse Engineering Goals:

    • Example: Disliking being smashed in side control prompts a goal to learn how to escape.

    • Break down the process—focus on establishing and maintaining guard, and controlling tempo.

  8. Efficient Use of Failure:

    • Students focusing solely on escaping side control may miss essential elements like guard retention and tempo control.

    • Structured training involving guard play, sweeping, and submission attempts provides a comprehensive understanding.

  9. Collecting High-Quality Data:

    • Two students with different goals spend the same mat time.

    • Efficiently using failure for positive growth leads to progress and a solid foundation for future patterns.

  10. Understanding Your Goal:

    • Everyone on the mat has distinct reasons, but we all have goals.

    • Deeper understanding accelerates positive training experiences, facilitates quicker accomplishments, and transforms you into a better learner.

At Logic HQ, our mission is to guide you in simplifying your goals and holding you accountable. Let's collaborate to enhance your online Jiu Jitsu experience.